Air France and KLM pilots sign Pilots Protocol 2

Paris, July 7th 2005 - Today representatives of the Air France Air Line Pilots Association (AF ALPA) and the Dutch Air Line Pilots Association (VNV: Vereniging van Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers) met in Paris to sign their far reaching second protocol. The key objectives of the agreement are: • To ensure that the pilots groups are not played one against the other. • To ensure that pilot job opportunities and future growth in flying are fairly shared between both pilot groups. • To describe the procedural steps to be followed in the case of operational integration of both companies, with the aim of integrating the pilot work force resulting in strengthening the pilot’s position in the integrated company. VNV president René de Groot: “The development of this agreement was started right after the signing of Pilots Protocol 1 on March 20th 2004. It is the result of a strong sense of mutual dependence of both pilot groups and a clear vision of both pilot unions on the future.” Air France ALPA President Didier Le Chaton: “During the collaborative talks a strong relationship was build between the Air France and KLM representatives, resulting in this solid agreement.” Air France ALPA was recently formed out of the Syndicat National des Pilotes de Ligne Air France (SNPL Air France) and the Syndicat des Pilotes de l’Aviation Civile (SPAC). Together with VNV they represent over three quarters of all Air France and KLM pilots. The representatives of Air France ALPA and VNV will be meeting regularly to intensify their cooperation over the coming years. For questions contact: Captain René de Groot, president VNV - telephone: +31 (0)20 449 85 85 Captain Didier Le Chaton, president Air France – telephone +33 1 49 892 433