Joint press statement SNPL AF ALPA and VNV


The French and Dutch boardmembers of both pilot unions met in the south of The Netherlands to discuss the situation in which their respective companies and the Air France KLM holding currently are. Disappointing financial results once again, irrespective of the pilot strike, stress the irrevocable necessity of reforming the company.


SNPL and VNV jointly acknowledge the profitability of Air France KLM has to be restored in order to face future challenges which are dominated by fierce (unfair) competition on short/medium haul (low cost) as well as long haul (Middle East carriers). Both unions welcome a restructuring program as long as it implies a comprehensive strategy and vision with the courage to invest in product innovation and constructive development of existing structures in both airlines. In addition, we jointly stress the necessity of a strong effort by the companies towards the respective governments and the European Union to fight unfair competition.


We fully realize the development of lowcost short/mediun haul in the Group is needed to protect the home markets. However a management objective of whipsawing pilot labour conditions within the Group will turn out to be destructive. A strong cooperation with its employees is an essential condition for a successful future of the Group.


In order to be able to participate in a restructuring program, both VNV and SNPL AF ALPA emphasize the absolute necessity for a genuine constructive social dialogue.


President of VNV, Steven Verhagen, says: “We are absolutely confident such a constructive social dialogue will materialize within KLM. We should fight the enemy outside instead of fighting each other internally. Trust and confidence at all levels are the magic words for success.”


According to president of SNPL, Jean-Louis Barber: “An agreement on Transavia France is absolutely achievable on the short term. But as soon as the economic demands have been met by the Air France pilots, the management should not, as it does now, trouble a possible agreement by legal complexity or principles.”