SkyTeam Pilots Association

The SkyTeam Pilots Association (SPA) met in a Regular Session in Rome, Italy on September 21 - 23, 2005. At this meeting, representatives from all the SkyTeam Alliance pilot unions were present. The SPA is composed of pilots from AeroMexico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental, CSA, Delta, Korean Air, KLM and Northwest. Many issues were discussed over the three-day meeting. The agenda focused on the industrial update at member airlines, the proposed labor restructuring at Alitalia, the status of the ongoing bankruptcies at Delta and Northwest Airlines, an update on the Air France-KLM merger and the intrusive background checks occurring in the Czech Republic. The SPA Executive Board tasked the SPA Working Group with a number of agenda items to be considered at the next Regular Meeting. This next meeting will focus on labor scope clauses and labor agreement comparisons. Each representative provided an update of their group’s activities and airline situation. The SPA pilots recognized the sacrifices that the pilots from Alitalia, Delta and Northwest have already contributed in assisting their airlines, and agree that further restructuring of these carriers cannot solely come from labor groups. Additionally, the SPA received a detailed brief on the sale of AeroMexico by the Cintra Group, as well as the lack of a consistent aviation policy by the government in Mexico. At this meeting, the SPA elected new officers. Captain Jay Panarello of Continental ALPA was elected Chairman of SPA, Captain German Diaz Barriga of ASPA AeroMexico was elected Vice-Chairman, and Captain René de Groot of VNV KLM was elected Secretary-Treasurer. They were all elected to a one-year term. Captain Jay Panarello, the new Chairman of the SkyTeam Pilots Association, said, "Our member unions agreed that it is important during the turbulent times in our industry to continue to share our views of the industrial situation on a regular basis. To do this, we will now regularly publish a SkyTeam Pilots Association Newsletter. This will help keep all 31,000 pilot members informed of the global issues that now affect our profession." The SkyTeam Pilots Association will meet again in regular session Istanbul, Turkey during the month of April 2006.