SkyTeam Pilots Association met at IFALPA Annual

The (SPA) met at the 60th Annual IFALPA Conference in Cape Town, South Africa on April 6th and 7th, 2005. At this meeting, representatives from all the SkyTeam Alliance pilot unions were present. The SPA is composed of pilots from AeroMexico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental, CSA, Delta, Korean Air, KLM and Northwest. Many issues were discussed over the two-day meeting. The agenda focused on the industrial update at member airlines, the status of the ongoing contract negotiations between the KAL Flight Crew Union and Korean Air management, the Air France-KLM merger, an update on the EU-US Bilateral Negotiations, a review of the Articles of Governance and a briefing on Pilot Retirement Ages. The SPA Executive Board tasked the SPA Working Group with a number of agenda items to be considered at the next Regular Meeting. Each representative provided an update of their group’s activities and airline situation. The Air France – KLM merger was discussed in detail. The Air France and KLM pilots are working on an additional protocol of understanding as a continuing step in addressing the effects of the merger of their two companies on the pilots. This framework should serve as a template for future consolidation in the airline industry. Capt David Reimer, the Chairman of the SkyTeam Pilots Association, said, "Our member unions exchanged various views on the turbulent situation at our respective airlines as we deal with the continuing effects of airline globalization and consolidation on the careers of the 31,000 SPA pilots. We must continue to closely monitor the changes occurring at our airlines and the industry to effectively respond and adapt to this dynamic world. It is the only way we can strive to protect the interests and futures of our member pilots”. The SkyTeam Pilots Association will meet again in regular session in Rome, Italy during the month of September 2005.